Kel Robertson is the author of six novels: three critically lauded crime stories featuring the Chinese-Australian Federal Police investigator, Brad Chen, two bureacratic black comedies featuring the introverted yet principled public servant, Alan Mewling, and a Cornish police procedural, featuring the 'ex-State Security Bureau official turned local policewoman', Melissa Raeburn.

Dead Set, the first Bradman Chen novel, was a finalist for the Ned Kelly Awards best first crime novel in the year of its release but is out of print. Smoke and Mirrors the second Chen novel, was joint winner of the 2009 Ned Kelly Awards Best Fiction prize, sharing honours with Peter Corris's Deep Water. It is also out of print but is still availabe as an e-book through Pan MacMillan Australia. The third Chen novel, Rip Off, was pulped long ago, but may still be available as an e-book through Pan MacMillan. 

The two bureaucratic black comedies are written under the pen name A C Bland; the initial volume, The Final Trials of Alan Mewling, was published by Ginninderra Press and is still available in various formats. The cheapest hard copies, postage included, would appear to be acquired through the Book Depository.  The prequel, The Earlier Trials Of Alan Mewling, was published by Tablo; the cheapest copies, once again taking postage into account, would appear to be available though the Book Depository.

The Cornish novel, Dare To Think, was recently published by Tablo, under the pen name Belle Currer. It is best purchased, yet again, from the Book Depository.

Fast News - 9 Feb 2020

  • Dare To Think, a Melissa Raeburn mystery, is available in a wide variety of formats. Contact your bookseller or go on-line to explore availability.
  • Contact the author if you'd like him to create reading group notes. 




Dated photograph of author by Tim Thomas

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